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NYJL Advisors helps your business develop a strategy of success. Our services are designed to provide you with the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

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NYJL’s experts have decades of executive experience running stage 1 and stage 2 companies. Our experienced team has led a broad spectrum of organizations including sales, product management, security & compliance, operations and engineering. The tenants of which we live by are transparency, rhythm and empowering organizations to change the world around them.

Featured Services

Cloud Adoption

Developing your cloud adoption strategy is more than just migrating servers. NYJL’s team of experts can help you by assessing your business’s cloud readiness, including a complete TCO/ROI report, learning your processes and workflows, developing your cloud migration plan and migrating your workloads to the cloud, the right way. Need help with ongoing cloud operations and adopting a cloud-first strategy? We got that too with a full suite of operational and optimization services to help you operate efficiently, all while keeping you updated on new trends and tools at your disposal.


Compliance is hard! NYJL’s detailed approach to sovling your compliance challenges is what you need. Let our experts examine your current environment and develop a compliance strategy custom to your business. With a full suite of compliance services, we will work with your team to meet the current threat challenges while maintaining the compliance your business depends on. We understand how compliance impacts business success, and we use our experience designing and implementing the compliance program that protects you.

Our Team of Experts

Jason Yaeger


A champion of action-oriented leadership with an emphatic conviction that success is created when organizational culture deliberately empowers everyone to make decisions and take action in the fastest possible way.

Nick Lumsden


A stalwart advocate of organizational culture as the catalyst of extraordinary success. Promotes cultures which create momentum through focus and discipline powered by transparency, rhythm, and empowering people to change the world around them.

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